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During the first year of the project, our students investigated on the territory and met local businessmen and artisans to prepare their own Virtual Company.  According to their class, they  have chosen to focus their work upon different fields which have been developped throughout the second year.

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Besides the constitution of their virtual company, during the first year of the project, the students of our Middle School, dedicated some of their free time to  observe the making of a Napolitan presepe.


This is one of the most ancient and yet lively traditions linked to our handicraft. Students of grade 2 of Scuola media (i.e. Grade 7), together with their teacher, Lucia Aricò, joined the talented craftsman in his work of making some miniatures for the crib, in order to learn this ancient art. From September to December, they  have been also participating to the contruction of the crib, of which they have taken some photos.

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Virtual Companies leaflets.

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